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Taking Gelato on a World Tour

19 Gelato Chefs Compete for Right in the Asian Gelato Cup and World Gelato Cup

Bali News: Bali, Indonesia Gelato Challenge, Lotus Food Service, Caprigiani
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19 gelato chefs from across Indonesia gathered in Bali February 9-10, 2018, to compete for the right to represent Indonesia in the Asian Gelato Cup to be held in Singapore April 24-27, 2018, as part of Food&HotelAsia (FHA). In Singapore, 12 countries from across the region will vie for the right to be one of three teams allowed to represent Asia in the World Gelato Cup  to be held in Remini in 2010.

The top three finalists from Asia will also be sent on tour in Southeast Asia in a traveling competition to select the 36 best gelato flavors in the world.

The competition in Bali was organized by Lotus Food Service and held at their hospitality and culinary center in Jimbaran and Caprigiani – the world’s leader in gelato and ice cream making equipment based in Bologna, Italy.
The Bali “Indonesia Gelato Challenge” saw 19 chefs from Bali, Surabaya, Bandung, Malang and Jakarta prepare 19 distinct gelato recipes, mostly inspired by local fruits and flavors.
Reviewing the entries were a panel of judges comprised of Chef Rahmat Kusnedi, president of the Indonesian Pastry Alliance (IPA); Hendra Oktaviano, director of Passion Magazine; Chef I Made Kona, a well known pastry chef and advisor to IPA; Augyawati Joe, a vice director of the Bali International Polytechnic; and Valentina Righi representing the Gelato World Cup and Accademia Italiana della Cucina.
Evaluation of the entries was based on flavor, structure and presentation with consideration for creativity in the use of local taste sensations
Among the delicious and unique gelato entries from the Indonesian chefs included:
  • Es Teler – inspired by a famous Indonesian dessert and incorporating coconut milk, avocado, jackfruit and shredded coconut drizzled with palm sugar.
  • Lemon Breeze – a sweet and sour gelato using lemongrass, mint and lime – topped off with grass jelly and lemon syrup.
  • Asian Bogor – A fresh and sweet pineapple-based gelato topped with fruit jelly, peanuts and a sweet and spicy sauce.
  • Klepon – Based on a delicious Indonesia dessert, this gelato uses coconut milk-based gelato, pandan flavoring, palm sugars and mochi.
  • Pisang Epe – Another popular Indonesian dessert, this gelato is based on bananas drizzled with brown sugar and durian syrup.
  • Sweet Corn and Cheese – A tribute to both Italy and Indonesia, the gelato combines sweet corn and Italian mascarpone cheese, topped with popcorn and crispy cheese.
  • Bubur Madura – a flavor inspired by a popular Indonesian snack, this gelato uses a coconut base with a dash of brown sugar, topped with glutinous rice congee and sago pearls.
  • Douhua – inspired by a Chinese snack made with soft tofu and a ginger soup, this gelato is enriched with fresh ginger and soybeans.
  • Carrot Cake – a carrot cake gelato that is accented by crush almond nougatine and roasted walnuts, topped with carrot flakes and caramelized maple syrup.
  • Moyang – inspired by a traditional Indonesian dessert that derives its main flavor of fermented cassava combined with fusion coffee.
  • Moscato Tea Gelato – another tribute to Italy and Indonesia, made with rose fudge and lemon-lime curd. Moscato tea imparts a flowery sweet rose and chocolate fudge, with a swirl of lemon lime curd.
  • Klepon Almond – Inspired by an Indonesian dessert, this combines coconut pandan sherbet with Javanese palm sugar sauce. Crushed almonds impart an additional crunchy accent.
  • Coconut Whiskey Cream – Coconut milk, sugar, skim milk, coconut water and Irish whisky cream provides a rich and creamy scent and chocolate taste with a hint of whisky.
  • Banana Hazelnut – a gelato that combines banana, chocolate and Hazelnuts from the Piedmont region of Italy together with a flavorful dash of rum.
  • Semur daging (Cinamon Brown Beef Stew) – boldly inspire by a main course on the Javanese dinner table, the gelato uses cinnamon and lime, a traditional beef stew recipe and home made beef floss.
  • Tiga Ramu – the gealto combines two famous Indonesian herbs: cardamom and star anise in combination with jasmine tea. The resulting gelato is strongly aromatic reminiscent of a health-giving jamu elixir.
  • Pandan Yogurt Gelato – the main ingredient are peuyeumkenari crunch, yogurt and pandan extract made directly from pandan leaves.
  • Dark Chocolate Gelato – using 71% artisanal chocolate, this gelato is dominated by indulgent semi-sweet chocolate flavor.
  • Peuyeum Gesulis – Using fermented cassava, this gelato draws its inspiration from West Java and uses fermented cassava (Tapai Singkong) and crispy kenari nuts. 
Winning Gelatos
Winning honors at the 1st Indonesian Gelato Competition were:
  • First place: Peuyeum Geulis created by Jovita Rainy Pranata of Francille Ice Cream, Jakarta.
  • Second Place: Banana Hazelnut  created by Cassandra Mellim of the St. Regis in Bali.
  • Third Place: Moscato Tea Gelato created by Alvin Tanudjaya of Latteria, Jakarta 

Giancarlo Timballo, president of the Gelato World Cup, commenting on the Indonesian Gelato Competition said: “Gelato has always been known to be an Italian sweet treat. More than that, it is a healthy dessert that is now growing in demand in Asia. Introducing the Indonesia Gelato Competition her in Bali is the ideal choice as Asian consumers are becoming more discerning and diverse in their health lifestyle choices, and their desire for high-quality food ingredients, even in desserts. We look forward to growing the culture of gelato making in the region.”

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