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Paying to Park

Denpasar Officials Warn Parking Attendants to Hand Out Parking Receipts or Face Jail

(1/7/2018) The Municipal Government of Denpasar, Bali is warning parking attendants working in the City to always issue the legal receipts or face the possibility of severe sanctions including dismissal from their positions or possible imprisonment.

As reported by NusaBali, the CEO of the Denpasar Parking Authority (PD Kota Denpasar), I Nyoman Putrawan, said on Thursday, January 4, 2018, parking attendants are required to always issue the official printed parking tickets to every motorist who has parked in their assigned territory. A failure to issue a ticket can result in the parking attendant being prosecuted for criminal corruption.
PD Kota Denpasar issuies warnings to attendants who fail to provide an official parking ticket. Repeat offenses can, Putrawan warned, lead to dismissal from their  and/or criminal prosecution.